Tip of the Week #73 – ECO Label Setup

Tip of the Week #73 – ECO Label Setup

Senior Consultant Jörg Hüner joins us this week to share how easily PrintVis can handle your FSC certification concerns. 

Need to fulfill FSC Label requirements or mixed requirements?

Environmental protection has become more and more of an important issue for manufacturing facilities of all types, and print is no exception. For a print company to demonstrate that it is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified is not only good for the environment, but better for business – as more consumers show they care by patronizing businesses who do so. FSC certification assures a print company’s customers that the paper products they use have undergone a certified chain of custody which contributes to conservation efforts. Good news – with PrintVis it is easy to setup.

For example, if a customer is asking for an FSC-certified product setup with an Eco Label for FSC it looks like this:

Attached to related items and a case, it is only possible to select raw material for a job that fulfills the requirements:

The Case Card and the Job Ticket display the selected label picture by default.

Mixed labels?

If there is a mixed label required, for example both FSC and recycled materials can be used for a product, this can be set up as well.

Step 1: Set up all labels that need to be included on the mixed Eco Label
Step 2: Set up the mixed Eco Label and include the ones that are covered by this Eco Label.

Now all items related to the Eco Label setup can be chosen for a job, related to the Eco Label itself AND the included labels.

Setup example:

All Labels are setup:

This is the setup of the mixed label. Please see the “Included Labels”:

Thank you Jörg!

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