Tip of the Week #66 – Importing & Exporting Charts

PrintVis Tip of the Week #66 – Importing & Exporting Charts

Developer Peter Tijsma brings us a helpful tip this week about downloading, importing and exporting various charts in your PrintVis/Dynamics NAV databases.

As you know, Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes all sorts of charts available, and PrintVis also has multiple charts developed specifically for print production management.

Depending on your position in your company, you will want to see different data sets on your Role Center. Importing and customizing charts to tailor your personal view is actually quite easy. First let’s look at importing:

1. Find a database where the charts are available(or download the ones available on the PrintVis Wiki: http://www.printviswiki.com/wiki/PrintVis:Release_PV2016#PrintVis_Charts – and jump to step 5)

2. From the source database go to Export/Import Charts:

3. Set the following options in the Request Page and click OK:

4. Save the file to a location on your machine:

5. Open the Target Database Again

6. Go to Export/Import Charts

7. Remove any filters, Select Import and press OK

8. Select the file you just exported (or downloaded from the wiki)

9. Done!

Once you’ve imported the desired charts, you can customize them from your Role Center in a few simple steps:

Go to your Role Center, click on the gear above the chart and select “Customize.”

Thank you Peter!

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