Tip of the Week #59 – DRUPA SONGS!

Tip of the Week #59 – DRUPA

Well this is more like the Tip of the Year – drupa 2016 is less than a month away and PrintVis will be there to demo and display our Microsoft-certified MIS/ERP system, now boasting 20 years of ongoing development and continuous improvement, all focused on one specific industry vertical: printing.

Of course printing itself is a vast category within the manufacturing segment of world enterprise, with a multitude of sub-verticals such as packaging, label printing, newspaper and book publishing, large/wide format, post-press finishing and everything in between.

But wait a second.

I’ve already talked about all the drupa basics here, and surely those of you who are attending don’t need to be reminded that it’s a big, big, absolutely huge trade show for the print industry with tidal waves of people and hundreds of cutting-edge printing machines with flashing lights and blaring sounds and demonstrations and keynote speeches galore.

It’s also long – 12 whole days – which is fun to remind your colleagues who are obliged to be there the entire time, wondering on which day the novelty might officially wear off. 🙂 Day 3? Day 1? Time will tell, and they’ll have plenty of time to think about it.

So instead I’d like to address the phenomenon of the drupa SONG.

Did you know each drupa (every 4 years) has its own theme song? That’s right, and not only that, the songs have their very own cult. And that cult even has a Facebook page (cults ain’t what they used to be).

The Cult of Drupa Songs FacebookPage

Apparently –

the drupa team considered refraining from writing a song for 2016, but when met with overwhelming protest, they finally relented with this:

Back in 2012 –

the Lady Gaga influence was ĂĽber-evident.

But –

with its powerful, poetic lyric and passionate delivery, the first drupa song – dating way back to 1986 – is still the best of the lot.

“drupa, drupa, international printing and paper fair. We welcome you to DĂĽsseldorf Germany to see what’s new in the graphics industry.”

As one of my German colleagues says, what speaks against it? 

In case –

I come across as sarcastic, here is a quote from the Cult’s own “About” page:  

“The first Drupa to have its own theme song was in 1986, the Country Drupa song was voted by “The Register” website readers as the worst corporate song ever.”

Worst meaning the BEST!

However –

I must say that Kraftwerk gets my vote for composing the most excellent candidates for drupa songs – and they even hail from DĂĽsseldorf.

What could be more appropriate to commemorate the ongoing love affair between humans and technology, ink and paper, the power of the printed word and the ability to disseminate it, than “The Man Machine?”

Check out the excellent live version below, and oh yes be sure to subscribe to our Tip of the Week, where no doubt there will be a much more helpful and technical post for your reading pleasure next week . 🙂

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