Tip of the Week #58 – Power BI Service Setup for Dynamics NAV

Tip of the Week #58 – Power BI Setup for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

PrintVis is pleased to welcome a new system developer to our international team! Dale Gauci is based in Malta, and this week he brings us yet another helpful tip regarding Microsoft’s excellent and extensive new application, Power BI.

Power BI Service Setup for Dynamics NAV

Power BI offers a lot of features to produce nice visual reporting with the flexibility of manipulating data on the fly, and also provides integration as a Service with a Standard Content Dashboard to your Dynamics NAV Data.

Consultants and Developers would need to set this up and it might not always be that the database has all the information available for this to work (maybe a demo is needed on a client’s test database?).

So here are some points to look out for when setting this up:

  • Make sure the following Queries are available on your environment.
  • Enable Queries as a Web Service. The Service Naming is Important, as you will get errors when Importing Data.

It could be the case that you do not see page 197 as a webservice initially – you will need to setup information In Page 197 First. Also, an Account Schedule needs to be setup as a basis.

  • Publish The Web Service.

“Get Data” and Add Choose Content Pack Services

Choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Enter the URL of your Dynamics NAV Service. Copy this from the Webservice ODATA URL is easier.

You need a Basic Username and Password and a user who has access to Sales and Finance Data. See https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj551778(v=nav.90) to setup this for your Service Tier.

If all is OK you should be getting something like this:

As with my setup above, the database setup did not have all the data so this could be a real case. So it is good to point out that the data needs to be setup in the system and refreshed on Power BI.


Note on Mobile Devices


The iphone app for Power BI worked straight away and you can view the dashboard and reports above. I noticed my dashboard disappears when opened.

Check this setting in PowerBI helps with this issue.

Thank you Dale – and welcome!

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