Tip of the Week #52 – Subcontracting Setup

Tip of the Week #52 – Subcontracting Setup in PrintVis

When requesting a price from a subcontracting vendor, it is common to receive a price for the requested quantity as well as a price for each additional 1000 pcs (“price per M”). Sometimes a fixed fee is added as well.

With a clever setup it is possible to calculate the subcontracting sales price for any quantity the customer requests.

Example: The price for some type of subcontracting work on 2000 brochures is requested. The offered price is as follows:

Fixed fee:  20 EUR
Offered price for 2000 brochures:  100 EUR
Offered price for additional 1000 brochures:  30 EUR

This is a calculation/price unit for an job example of 2500 pcs:

If the job quantity is increased to 3000: New result is calculated automatically

Job quantity = 5000

You can see that the additional price per 1000 quantity is automatically calculated from the job quantity. This means with such setup, no manual change is necessary to view different job quantities.

The setup for calculation detail line 2 and 3 looks like this:

Price Unit setup:

Please pay attention to the marked entries:

  • Item No.
  • Price List and Price List look-up
  • Formula Class
  • Formula for line 3

The “OUTSOURCE” item is setup like this:

The price unit is set to 1000 pcs as we expect to get an additional price per 1000. This is the presetting for the field “Price Calculated from” for line 3.

The “Price Calculated from” for line 2 is taken from a price list which is just used as a dummy to get “Price Calculated from” to be set to “Total Amount”:
Price List and Price List look-up

The Price List lookup is set to “Cost Prices” to calculate the sale price by using the additional rates setup.

Possible options: Choose Cost Price – sale price is then calculated with the given margins of the Additional Rates setup.

The formulas to calculate the additional quantity:

Formula 1:

Read the quantity in the line with the Formula Class Filter “SUBC_TOTAL”

Formula 2:

Finishing quantity (Formula 420) – Quantity of formula 1

That’s it. Please try it out.


Thank you Jörg!

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