Tip of the Week #47 – Limit Totals

PrintVis Tip of the Week #47 – Limit Totals by Dennis André Thomsen

For most List views it is possible to ”Limit Totals”, meaning presenting quantities or amounts filtered to a certain period, location or other specification.

This can come in very handy when displaying for example the Item List, the Chart of Accounts, etc.

From the List, click on the ‘Headline’  – i.e. Item List, and click to mark the option “Limit totals” (or use the shortCut Ctrl-Shift-F3). This will open a new set of filtering options such as DateFilter, Locationfilter, Bin filter etc. of course depending on the List you are viewing.

The Limit Totals does not, as the ‘Show results’ filters, narrow down the list, but it will present for example the quantities available for each Item, to the selected Location and/or Bin, thus allowing you to see just what you have present at your local warehouse, for instance – or – the actual amounts within a certain Posting Period.

Below is an example, where a DateFilter has been added to the Chart of Accounts.

Limit Totals in Chart of Accounts
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