Tip of the Week #38 – All the Little Things

PrintVis Tip of the Week #38 – All the Little Things

PrintVis General Manager Kasper Tomshøj shares some advice this week on why keeping curious can help you to discover the helpful little things in life.

Last week I was returning home from NAV Tech Days with some colleagues in our rental car when I saw that we needed gas. Pulling into the station, I realized I didn’t know which side of the car the fuel cap was on. (And of course in such circumstances we always choose the opposite side, right?)

But then one of my colleagues pointed out a simple way to always know which side of the car was the correct side.

Now, I’ve been driving for longer than I care to remember – at least 30 years – and I was astonished that I’d never heard of this before.  And thinking about it later, it occurred to me how there are parallels between my example and the way so many of us use our ERP systems every day.

Sometimes We Don’t Ask Because We Don’t Know There’s a Question

Over the years we can become so entrenched in habit, perhaps still using the system in the very elementary way in which we started, or learning to live with the little idiosyncrasies that software can have. We just become acclimated instead of trying to correct a flaw or find a better way to use the system.

It’s so easy to stick with routine that we can forget to be curious and explore the tools that have been put there to assist us. Every now and then, if we remember to ask questions – of our colleagues, our IT provider, YouTube – whatever – we’re likely to discover that there are many helpful tricks which others may consider common knowledge while we had no idea.

It’s so nice to get those “aha!” moments – but if we don’t take it upon ourselves to stay curious, we may find those moments come few and far between, while we’ve been needlessly struggling for years – and a quick fix was right in front of our eyes.

So I encourage you to be curious.

Sit with your co-workers, ask questions – and share – you may find that you’re the one with the helpful hint. “Hey – didn’t you know about this shortcut key?”

Also – subscribe to our Tip of the Week – this is exactly what it’s for. It’s all there for you to discover.

By the way, how do you know which side that gas cap is on?

Thank you Kasper!

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