Tip of the Week #34 – Making Use of Hot Keys in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

PrintVis Tip of the Week #34 – Making Use of Hot Keys in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This week’s tip is another time-saver from Developer Torben Nielsen.

In NAV 2015 shortcut keys may come in handy if you are already typing, and would like to quickly access some functionality in a sub-page or a menu.

This way you can eliminate the need to move a hand to the mouse, move and click, and move the hand back again to the keyboard.

The shortcut keys (“Hot Keys”) are handled automatically by NAV 2015 and are always available, but may differ if a page is modified. However, in real life this will rarely happen.

To illustrate this procedure let’s go to the PrintVis Case Card page (or choose whatever page you may find relevant).

Torben Nielsen


Nothing special yet.

Note that my cursor is in the “Sell-to No.” field. Now, try hitting the “Alt” key once on your keyboard (do not hold down):

The available shortcut keys appear (highlighted in yellow).

Now hit the “J” button, and the next set of shortcut keys become visible:

Now hit the “G” key (and press Enter) to go to Estimation – et voilá!

By hitting Alt, J, G and Enter you were taken directly to the Estimation screen – without any mouse clicking.

Feel free to try out what shortcut keys are available on your most commonly used pages – you may find yourself with some extra time on your hands. 

Thank you Torben!

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