Tip of the Week #30 – A Great New (and Free) Snip Tool from Microsoft

PrintVis Tip of the Week #30 – A Great New (and Free) Snip Tool from Microsoft.

Marketing Coordinator Henrik Nonbye chimes in this week to recommend Microsoft’s new “Snip” capture tool.

The new screenshot tool from Microsoft ups the ante on both user friendliness and functionality. It takes seconds to install and is completely free (at least for now). Once installed, Snip hovers at the top of your screen with a small drop-down menu of simple graphic icons, such as Capture, Whiteboard, Camera and Library.

In Capture mode, you simply click and drag the cross-hairs on the area you want to snip, the pixel dimensions of your selection are instantly displayed and your image pulls up the editor. From there you can annotate with digital ink (several colors and pen thicknesses).

But the really great new feature is the ability to add audio narration to your screenshots and annotations – so ultra-fast tutorials can be made and saved as MP4 files for sharing and embedding (not to mention dozens of other uses).

The Whiteboard tool is also great because it’s now parked front and center on your screen (right below your camera in most cases) so you can instantly take or share notes, or make sure that elusive great idea is saved for later.

The Camera tool provides the perfect way to document something outside of your computer (is there such a place?) and then adding audio narration. Think of the possibilities at family gatherings during the holidays – I can imagine Hallmark getting nervous.

Check out Microsoft Snip here.

Snip is out in Beta form now – the email functionality will default to your desktop Outlook, and you can also send your feedback straight to Microsoft about the program. It will be interesting to see how Snip evolves, but it is definitely worth checking out today.


Thank you Henrik!

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