Tip of the Week #173 – Adjusting Your Notifications

Tip of the Week #173 – Adjusting Your Notifications

Senior Consultant Dennis André Thomsen returns this week with a quick tip on your personal settings.

Are you also fed up with all the extra ’service messages’ popping up, such as the example below displays? You know – all those nice reminders about documents not being posted, and requesting if you are sure you want to exit or not? 

You can actually control which of these notifications you wish to suppress – and you may of course change your settings as you get more and more acquainted with PrintVis and Dynamics NAV.

The settings are personal, so each user can adjust their own settings for these service messages.

This is done from the ‘My Notifications’ area, where you simply disable the ones you no longer require.

If you require a little further information on a notification, simply click on the text (twice sometimes) to bring up a small information box containing further descriptive options.

Now off to adjust your personal settings!

Thank you Dennis!

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