Tip of the Week #165 – The DLP is Free!

Tip of the Week #165 – The DLP is Free!

Marketing Manager Michael Bradley brings us this week’s tip.

Back in 2016 I raised the subject of Microsoft’s Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP) as an excellent resource for readiness and competency training on all things pertaining to Microsoft Dynamics. However, I did neglect to mention that access for Microsoft Partners and customers required the purchase of a $1000 “training pack.” When you consider that this training pack granted unlimited access to all kinds of valuable training for a year – to every member of your company – it was not a bad deal. Even so, many businesses run on a very tight budget and thus never took advantage of the DLP. 

Well here’s some great news: The Dynamics Learning Portal is now completely free to use by Partners and customers*. You’ll need your MPN (Microsoft Partner Network) login credentials, and you still need to purchase the training pack. But the cost is $0.00. 

*DLP is free for customers with a Premier Support Contract

The Portal is not only free, but tremendously improved. Here’s a look at the range of subjects that awaits your team: 

Notice the block on the bottom right is for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, the topic that likely looms large in most Partners’ minds. What better way to navigate the coming changes than to start building your expertise now? Whether you’re in sales, consultancy, development or marketing – there are webinars, videos, workshops and more tailor-made to increase your readiness. 

In typical Microsoft fashion, we are given a 23-step document (yes, only 23!) on how to acquire the training pack and access the DLP. Download it here:  Instructions_for_DLP_Access_MicrosoftPartners.pdf (124 downloads) . But the good folks at CRM MVP Podcast have simplified things for us with this 2-minute video. Enjoy the Dynamics Learning Portal!

Thank you Michael!

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