Tip of the Week #143 – Setup for Finished Sheets and Finished Items with Mixed Configuration

Tip of the Week #142 – Setup for Finished Sheets and Finished Items on a Single Press

This week, Senior Consultant Jörg Hüner has a tip for mixed configuration cost centers.

Question: Is it possible to set up a finishing machine Cost Center to calculate for both finished sheets and finished items?

Yes – and different scenarios are available with the setup that is described here, not just the different types of finishing that have an impact on the finished quantity.

But for such a setup, PrintVis provides the Cost Center type: Mixed Configuration:

With this option it’s possible to determine the machine type on the configuration itself. For this example, two configurations are required:

  1. Configuration for finished sheets or signatures
  2. Configuration for finished items

Now, you might be thinking, “Isn’t a finished signature an individual item?” While the answer is technically yes, it is also not the desired Item in its final configuration – a book, which is what PrintVis would be calculating for in a Finished Item setup. So – the system is looking at the ordered quantity of finished items – or sheets, or signatures – and calculating according to that setup.


Configuration 1:

Finishing Signatures of sheets: The production quantity is based on signatures per printed sheet (+ scrap/waste).

Configuration 2:

Finished Items: The production quantity is based on the ordered quantity (+ scrap/waste); For example the number of books on a perfect binder or an inserter (multiple sheets in one envelope).

Each Configuration will then be linked to an individual Calculation Unit.

This works as well for printing presses that can handle both sheet and web paper. This is needed for example on wide format presses or sheet presses that have a sheeter attached.

For this scenario, set up 2 configurations, where:

  1. Is set up as a sheet-fed press
  2. Is set up as a web-fed press

In older versions it was necessary to set up 3 separate cost centers – one for signatures, one for sheets and one for items. The PrintVis Mixed Configuration setup option alleviates all this extra work. 

Thank you Jörg!

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