Tip of the Week #130 – Extend Tables and Pages with NAV 2018

Tip of the Week #130 – Extend Tables and Pages with NAV 2018

Microsoft released NAV 2018 last Friday, December 1st. We will of course have much more on this in the coming days and weeks. Meanwhile, Developer Rikard Hult gives us a taste in this week’s tip.

With the release of NAV 2018 its now possible to extend Tables and Pages. This gives us a great toolbox for creating customizations as extensions!

To be able to use this cool new function you need to start using the new development tool AL.

I will give a small example of how this could be used in practice. In this example we should add a field to the customer page, and we should have some code behind the field that should be triggered.

This was not possible in NAV 2017 – and when done as an Extension, it would survive an upgrade.

Get started today  – click here to investigate and study extensions in AL.

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Thank you Rikard!

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