Tip of the Week #13 – Advanced Formulas

For this week’s tip Senior PrintVis Consultant Dennis Thomsen shares some wisdom on the use of Advanced Formulas, using either a Report or a Codeunit.

In the all-important arena of estimating, we build formulas for calculation on the operation or item line, and there are many different ways to build them. On occasion the need for a formula which incorporates multiple conditions arises – “if this, go there, and if that, go there.” In such cases PrintVis can create a functional piece of code, using either a “report” or a “codeunit,” and build an Advanced Formula for more complex calculations.

Advanced Formulas can be developed where there is some limit to the types of calculations which can be performed in PrintVis standard – such as when a square root is required or multiple levels of conditions exist outside our normal parameters.

For example when setting up a speed table – the product group is a standard parameter, the order type is not, thus an Advanced Formula could return a value to indicate which of the results of 1, 2, 3, or 4 order types (however many your system contains) will populate the formula 1 column of the speed table, as a parameter.

So in summary, there is nothing that can be figured by hand on a whiteboard and using logic, that we cannot estimate in PrintVis, because even if we cannot build the required result of a formula through combinations, a formula report/codeunit can be made to do such logic and return the required result(s).

This could for example be if you have a dependency where the result of what you do there leads to another dependency, and the result of THAT dependency is the final result; i.e. two levels of conditions.

Thank you Dennis!

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