Tip of the Week #127 – Troubleshooting Slow Reports

Tip of the Week #127 – Troubleshooting Slow Reports

Developer Christian Mütze has this week’s helpful tip.

Sometimes users encounter a slow performance when attempting to print reports.

Typically, such issues are caused by slow servers, slow clients, bad network connections, huge data reads and writes – or sometimes even poor programming.

So it generally circles back to the developers to fix these issues, and we often find that the situation can be resolved through the setup.

In many scenarios we discovered that there was missing or erroneous data in the Printer Selection setup.

Of course this can cause a significant decrease in performance when running reports.

For example, we had a customer whose shipping note took over 30 seconds to appear.

With a corrected setup, it took less than 5 seconds to show up.

In the day to day, this is quite an improvement. So if you notice an unusual delay when attempting to print a report – check your setup!

Thank you Christian!

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