PrintVis Tip of the Week #42 – System Indicator on Company Info

Tip of the Week #42 – System Indicator on Company info

Reason: To indicate what Company/Database you are working in right now.

Thomas Beck Andersen brings us a quick tip as we start off in 2016, which is a nice and and logical way to ease back to work after a long holiday break – knowing your database!

With PrintVis and Microsoft Dynamics NAV it is common to set up multiple databases, such as for demos and new customers who need to “sandbox.” However, if you’re not careful it is quite easy to find oneself working and creating data in the wrong company.

So a simple colored company indicator can be placed on the top right of your screen. Simply navigate to Departments > Administration > Application Setup > General, and from there select Company.

Now choose an appropriate color and name for your database. In our example below we see “Live System” in green – so Users will know they are working with and adding real-time data. A red code can be useful as well, with the instruction, “Do Not Change!” when a database is under construction.

As always, it depends on what works best for your company and your situation.

Thank you Thomas!

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