PrintVis Tip of the Week #1 – Find the Hidden Zoom Option

Today we are excited to launch a new series, “Tip of the Week,” where a member of the PrintVis Team will share some advice or information to give you a peek behind the scenes, some technical insight, or just a helpful hint to simplify your life in some small but useful way.

This week’s tip comes from PrintVis Developer Christian Mütze.
As you know, PrintVis offers custom views of job data, depending on a user’s needs and role in the company. A production manager doesn’t need to see all the company finances; nor does a shop floor worker have to examine every facet of the estimate for a job he’s running.

But every once in a while there comes a need to know some minor details within a case, such as the contact information for the specific rep who sent in the quote, or perhaps other quantities which were originally requested. In the former Dynamics NAV Classic Client, there was a “Zoom” function which allowed you to open a new window displaying all the fields on the table which made up the Header data, instead of just the top 20 or so which were visible on a standard view. This was easily accessible via Tools -> Zoom, or the HotKeys Control+F8, and gave a user quick access to detailed information, eliminating the need to ask one of the key users, or even call a developer (now we see why Christian has a vested interest in this tip).





Once a line on the Job Card was selected, pressing Ctl+F8 would reveal all the data that was used to make up that one line, even the fields not shown on the Job Card.

But with the switch to the role-based Windows Client this Zoom feature went away. Or rather, it seemed to. In the Windows Client the whole UI has changed and there is no longer a Tools option in the menu. However, if you navigate to Help -> About This Page, you will gain access to the same additional data for the Header once obtained with the Zoom. But what if you need the “sub data” for the Job Card fields?

This is Christian’s Tip of the Week. Notice the alternative HotKeys shown in Help -> About This Page are Control+Alt+F1. Now go down to the Job Card and select a line. Hit Ctl+Alt+F1 and…voila! You are “zoomed” into the same sub data once provided by the Zoom option in the Classic Client. This works in many other fields as well.

Most users are unaware of this feature, simply because there is no visible option for it on the menu.

Now users who need to access minor details from time to time can get there with this convenient short cut. Many thanks Christian!

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Christian Mütze
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