Upgrade in Paradise – Postcard from Pensacola

Senior Consultant Kit Tomshøj traveled all the way from Denmark to Florida for an upgrade last week, along with colleague Peter Tijsma to handle the development side of things. Now she’s checked in to report on the success of their endeavors.

I am at work – at a hotel on the bright white beaches of Pensacola, Florida. What an unusual place to be for a PrintVis consultant, a real treat!

The reason I am writing from the hotel rather than from the airport on the way home is that our upgrade project went well ahead of schedule (I use different green/yellow/red scenarios) than what we had provisioned for.

We completed the upgrade over the weekend in Florida; And to make sure we (traveling in from Europe) would have sufficient time on site to help out with potentially emerging issues, we had booked the entire week, with the schedule bringing us back to Europe on Friday.

But today, only mid-day Tuesday –  we concluded that both the factory and admin were functioning perfectly fine – and that any minor issues that arose could easily be solved online.

Therefore, my ‘office’ view changed to this…

…and a comfortable office chair in my room.

Why did it go so well? A few components were all on the right side of the success barrier.

  • Our client moved from PrintVis 2015 to PrintVis 2018 – so we had no ‘Classic Client’ battles
  • My colleague Peter (the Developer who actually did the upgrade) is simply a brilliant man
  • We have our own well-proven tools for upgrades programmed and ready to use
  • Our footprint in NAV is small – we are very stringent in our programming and the way we handle customizations

Last but not least, our customer has an IT team which was extremely helpful and productive. They made sure to thoroughly test the upgrade, working to mitigate the unavoidable errors that arise in a test database (where they could).

We spent 2 x 2 days ahead of the upgrade, while also doing other preparation work. This had to do with now including JDF/JMF connectivity for two newly-purchased machines: An impressive Heidelberg XL106, and what could be considered “the Tesla of digital print” – an impressive HP T490 (only two of its kind around) with an inline Magnum fold/finish.

You can imagine the amount of selfies we have taken – Peter and I. These machines are simply neat to watch when in production.

OK then – here are some examples:

We have lots more. Although they may not technically be selfies when we made someone else take them – more like regular photographs of a couple of nerds and some exceptional machines. But that is who we are. 🙂

From my hotel room the work day did not change so much – still the same meetings, online work and sessions as always – the typical business travel stuff.

But I should mention that a lovely seaside swim on a whiter-than-white beach after work is a treat which doesn’t often come our way.





Thank you Kit – and congratulations!

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