Could I be the only NAV user who has had ‘interesting’ results using the functions keys in NAV 2013?
In the beginning I was very alert and had no trouble, but here in the twilight zone between my old classic version and the NAV 2013 I see myself making mistakes because I relax more. Oddly while I should be better at it because I have worked more with it I have found myself pressing F9 on invoices – just to check the VAT – and absentmindedly post it!
Don’t get me wrong! The new NAV is great and I fully enjoy working with it.
It’s just that moving from the function key which has been in my veins for so very long seem to linger and stick out especially now when I no longer consider the 2013 a new thing. When I relax and run on routine.
The F11 to F9 conversion is the worst one, but you must admit that you still get jitters about F4 ?
I do for sure! I have made a few juicy ooops’es in my time and I am sure you have too!
Thankfully the Lookup functionality now in the F4 is not the worst pitfall. But imagine how in this twilight between versions we could get used to F4 and then in supporting NAV2009 have another ooops lurking?
The upside is it keeps me on my toes. The downside is that if I am with customers it makes me look a little silly if I can manage to stop myself before hitting YES to post or delete. If I do – it makes my poor customer wonder how good I am at NAV.
They should not wonder – I am just an old circus horse.

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