PrintVis Reveals #1 Competitor!

If you choose not to decide, have you still made a choice? Of course you have. As Kasper discusses at 10:35 in this video, the biggest competitor – the primary obstacle that PrintVis faces – is for a print company to do nothing.

“Even though we are in the 21st century, we actually see a lot of printers that do not have an MIS system but work with yellow Post-it notes, Excel sheets, shouting at each other, tons of phone calls.

“And our biggest competitor is printing companies deciding ‘we know this is wrong, we see we should do something else to be more competitive; we simply don’t have time to put the effort into it – so we will stick with yellow Post-it notes and shouting at each other.’

The very good news is PrintVis offers many fast and  affordable deployment options that truly minimize company downtime and keep you in budget. Check out the video below – then contact us to learn how PrintVis with Microsoft Dynamics NAV can get your print business on track in 2016. 

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