This is a busy week for the PrintVis staff in Vienna.

One of the things we have been focusing on from the PrintVis team is to get our product easily accessible, focused to the Printing Industry and be easy to deploy with customers.

This is work which has been ongoing for almost 18 years now, yet more formalized over the past 2 years as also Microsoft has decided that having focused software and repeatable solutions is the way to go forward.

We have been working within a grouping of Microsoft Dynamics ISV partners which is attempting to help partners be more streamlined in their approach to the market and be better at delivering their projects at a lower price than before.

PrintVis has benefitted in several ways.
One obvious point is this web page. You may not beleive this but this web page is a result of painstaking efforts to re-think how we communicate with the you – the public 🙂
Another big change for us stems from how we can use the Cloud technology and latest tools from Microsoft to help bring down the implementation costs. 5 years ago a small project implementation for us was 30 man days. With the current model we can do this at a fixed price of 10,000 USD.

This week we have been invited to talk about our results at the GR2R conference to help prepare other ISV’s for the same journey.
We will do so with no less than 2 live demos to a trained NAV audience – so we hope for lots of luck and no hickups in the internet connection!
Our main take on the repeatability work is that our customers are beginning to think about MIS systems with kalkulation and order management as they do with their smart phone apps. They must be readily available at short notice. We do think that this will be the future that many sofware providers will experience in the near future – and we are very happy to have a head start in the race.








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