North American Partner Training!

For over 20 years, PrintVis (also known as NovaVision Software) has been growing our worldwide Partner Network. Anyone who knows ERP will tell you it’s no simple task to get an individual – let alone a company – to the point where they are adequately trained on the system and they can implement on their own. This takes experience and skill – and teamwork.

In our business consultancy firms come and go like the wind, but some manage to get a foothold and enjoy some actual longevity. One of the best ways to achieve this is to pursue an industry vertical, such as print. PrintVis is an MIS developed especially for the print industry, built on the engine of Microsoft Dynamics NAV – now known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. So for these past two decades we’ve been teaming up with NAV experts who serve their local customer base, and training them on the print-specific functionality of PrintVis.

Sometimes it’s been a NAV reseller with a one-off sales opportunity with a local print shop. Others have realized the long-term value of sticking with the print vertical and become what we refer to as our Implementation Partners. Partners of this caliber are able to run a print ERP implementation project from start to finish, all on their own. Other Partners who aren’t quite up to full speed still count on us for second-line support. The goal though, is always the same: A happy customer using PrintVis to run their shop.

Next week we are holding training sessions for some of our newer Partners in North America at the Microsoft Technology Center just north of Atlanta (PrintVis was born in Denmark but has seen steady expansion into the U.S. and Canadian markets). It’s always a pleasure to work with people face to face. While working remotely offers many new and liberating possibilities, the value and lasting impact of a team training together at the same physical location is tremendous. So – hands-on experience and deep dives into the system will be the order of each day!

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