I’m thrilled!

I have to say; to this date Rapid Start is the best tool ever to start up an implementation of PrintVis and NAV.

I can say that with confidence having implemented NAV for 15 years in a variety of different ways and scenarios. When RIM came out we thought it was a great step up from the copying data in tables and all that. At PrintVis we added our own version on top, so we could also use templares for the printing machines and printing specific tables. The amount of hours it took to built what we then called PRIMe (PrintVis Rapid Implementation Methodology) was enormous – but well worth the effort.

But now!!

We just signed up with our first subscription customer this week. Our hosting provider set up the database for them yesterday and this morning we helped the users to access it from their machines. This afternoon we created the company and started our new combination of Rapid Start for NAV2013 and PrintVisCloud.
After import and application of my Danish package I spent 15 minutes selecting my print specific data in preparation. The entire process took 30 minutes and I was the ready to start with the customer on board.
30 minutes!!!

At 15.00 (and that’s 3 pm to some) I logged in to a session with the bookkeeper and started the input of G/L accounts. I let her work for 1 hour and we finished by polishing them together. The we did instructions to customers and vendors. I was a 2 hour session online. Tomorrow we plan to spend a few hours with posting setup, number series and naming journals.

On Monday we’ll be good to go with invoicing and purchase. Then we can move to the printing specific areas which are somewhat larger. I figure 4-5 days. We plan to go live on Monday February 4th having used a total of 7 calendar workdays but not 7 full consultant days. And all of it was online.

What this show us is that using the latest tools, a little enginuity and a well prepared implementation model we can really bring down our implementations on smaller company sizes. That is exactly what we need to do if we want to target small businesses. In a solution like this the customer will get a small and functional installation which allows them to grow their business system as they do their business. I have talked with NAV partners who would not look at any project under 120 implementation days and they find it silly to chase the shorter projects. They are going to have to change – or they will not survive. That is a different story.

The interesting bit is how we can take a grat and versatile product like PrintVisCloud and bring the costs of aquisition down to a minimum. It means that the customer who wants ‘small and lean’ is prepared to adapt to this way of working in their end. As we have worked in our to adapt to them.

The silver lining is showing for me now: I can plan more work and less travel, and I am saving time for me and my customers. The price level has then been brought down to a level which means I will have many more new customers coming to the Subscription License model.










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