Move to the Cloud

Businesses of all sizes rely on the cloud which has proven a rapid growth in technology. Moving your business management (ERP / MIS) software to the cloud can provide you with significant advantages in terms of cost savings, scalability, accessibility, security, and overall efficiency. This transition can position your company to better meet current demands and future growth, ultimately leading to improved performance and competitive standing in the market.

Make use of our special Drupa offer on Cloud Migration Package. More details below.

Cloud Migration Package Offer

Sign up for our special Drupa offer and let the knowledgeable, certified team of Arquiconsult experts move you to the cloud!

As a certified PrintVis Partner, Arquiconsult offers a Cloud Migration Services Package for a transition of your on-prem PrintVis implementation from any Business Central version to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS.

Starting from 9.000€, our Cloud Migration Package includes a two-runs data migration, for test purposes and at Go-Live, along with a 4-hour “What’s new” workshop session and a 20-hour support services package (valid for 3 months after go-live).

This special offer does not include any migration of custom developments, permission and roles migration or implementation, any interface to external solutions including JDF/JMF or Moxa/DCM integration, PrintVis folders migration and any type of training about BC Financial or country specific functionalities.

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Advantages of moving to cloud

Cloud solutions eliminate the need for expensive on-premises hardware, maintenance, and upgrades. You pay for what you use, which leads to significant cost savings.

As your business grows, the cloud infrastructure can easily accommodate increased workloads without requiring substantial investments in new on-premises servers.

When you choose Cloud for your PrintVis software, it is continuously updated with the latest features and improvements on a weekly basis. The tedious days of manual, expensive upgrades are over.

A cloud platform can integrate with other modern tools and services, streamlining workflows and improving overall efficiency across your organization. And being in the cloud gives you access to a range of advanced tools and services, such as artificial intelligence and big data analytics, which can enhance your business operations and decision-making.

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