Microsoft Business Forward – Optimizing Your Operations

Optimizing Your Operations

“Digital transformation for us means greater transparency, a deeper understanding of our risks and costs, and the ability to take more informed proactive and data-driven decisions.

“Dynamics 365 in the cloud allows us to unite the whole company in one system with prompt access to global data, anywhere, anytime.” – Jakob Ingemann, Maersk

During the keynote presentations from Microsoft, seemingly disparate types of manufacturing operations were highlighted – from the massive, global container industry of Maersk to the wildly successful revolution of women’s intimate apparel by Spanx.

As you know, printing is also a type of manufacturing enterprise, whether you are manufacturing small batches of business cards or millions of flexible packaging units; Whether you own a tiny boutique letterpress shop or a multi-million dollar wide format sign company with locations across the country – it’s all manufacturing – and as such has very much the same goal from the IT system it employs: The Optimization of Operations. 

PrintVis is the Microsoft-certified IT solution for the global printing industry. Now is the time to move your print business over to a single, complete system.

During Microsoft Business Forward on May 3, Microsoft leaders and customers provided exclusive insights into their business application and industry solution strategy and portfolio—including Dynamics 365, LinkedIn, and Power BI—that help you engage your customers, empower your employees, optimize your operations, and transform your products.

Watch Microsoft Business Forward on-demand and hear from CEO Satya Nadella, Business Applications CVP James Phillips, and Worldwide Commercial EVP Judson Althoff how you can:

  • Predict, understand, and satisfy customer needs
  • Simplify your operations and streamline your processes
  • Grow loyalty and give your customers what they want
  • Find the right customers and close deals faster

Watch Microsoft Business Forward now and experience a new way to think about data, intelligence, and processes for your business in today’s digital landscape.

Then, consider that PrintVis is Microsoft’s answer for the print industry vertical, all around the world. And then, when you want to learn more, we do hope you’ll get in touch. 🙂

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