Live Report from the Wrong Side of the Track

Dynamics 365 Business Central Partners: Transforming Existing ISV Solutions

Senior PrintVis Consultant Kit Tomshøj brings a LIVE report to you from the “wrong (side of the) track.”

Day 1

I am misplaced – I’ll admit it.

At Microsoft Development Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, I am sitting in sessions under the headline track: Transforming Existing ISV Solutions.

It could be right for me – but it isn’t. It’s clearly aimed at experienced developers, not business consultants and strategy people like myself.

I was lucky to be invited, so I will sit it out and do my best to learn and not be too exposed. But what can you do?  There are about 100 of Europe’s finest from the “Nerd Herd” (sitting next to me is my own much loved nerd, Christian). At first it looked like a male-only event, but I see a few brilliant young women in here and it makes me proud.

It is library quiet.

The trainer is super class. So brilliant, so well prepared, so unintentionally charming with his mannerisms and Dutch accent which can make ‘button’ sound like ‘bøtton.’

As an extra treat, I learn, we can now download some really cool VS icons – it is right there as a standard feature. I give up, they never let me in to Visual Studio anyway.

I zone out for a little while, but get a kick back to reality as I watch him make his computer ‘røn’ a Powershell script and as it takes a minute or two, he gently massages the side of the screen and says:

“Yeah… You can do it, Baby!”

I find myself the only person in the room laughing loudly.

Somebody, Stop me…

Day 2

Still a fish out of water – but this morning the topic is very relatable for a business consultant like me: The Microsoft development team is talking about their quest to increase performance and sharing their best suggestions with the Partner community. What they say is received in total concentration. I love this crowd.

Whereas I’d never be able to apply these measures myself, I can certainly appreciate the effort and the measurable results they have achieved – and I am surprised with myself for actually understanding the impact of what they are saying.

It gives amusing insight to SQL/techie slang, but for me it is mostly a foreign language and I light up when it starts sounding like English. My favorite quote from this session is: “declare it as a single instance.” That is probably true in many aspects of life – applicable to my work on several projects and private life.

As for the new tools we are given from the updates to measure performance – I am leaving those to my tagged-along house nerd to understand and bring back. This is something which will be carefully reviewed under NDA back home.

Next up is hands-on training for DevOp with two major icons of our NAV universe, Freddy and Waldo.

I am ducking my head and trying to get images on my computer that makes it look like I am working on the assignments, as I see the trainers starting walk-abouts and helping people around me. I hope I can avoid being found out. This will be the last time ever they are going to let me in to these sessions, but I’d prefer not to get kicked out on knees and elbows in public. I dawns on me that Build Pipeline is a different concept here from what I am used to. The session seems to be demanding even of the Nerd Herd, but my house Nerd looks stressed/happy which is probably his favorite state of mind, so all is good.

Last session – Finally something for me!!!

Kurt and his team of ISV whips tell us how to manage our app on AppSource which is our platform of mass destru….uh…mass distribution – or in other words the only viable future market access for millennials when they are looking for solutions for the Printing Industry and the companies where they find themselves employed.

I completely share the point of view from Microsoft – that the old ways of person-2-person selling are going out of fashion, and that the future will be online purchase – even of ERP systems.

People sometimes ask me if it isn’t a constraint to be in the Microsoft Dynamics channel, and how we can live with the programs, the rules and the guidelines. But right here at the end of 2 hectic days of training, instructions and cooperation, I can see why we as a small Printing solution ninja company are right where we want to be. We are a part of something greater – and it helps us to embrace future climate scenarios with a lot of confidence.

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