At PrintVis we employ people from 5 different nations but that’s no problem – we all speak English very well.

We think….

This week we have all rallied in HQ in Denmark for training and meetings and socializing. And It made me giggle.

First I have to say that being Danish the English language is not my native tongue and I often rely on people like John Mullins to review a piece I have written. When I don’t do this there will be errors. (He did not review this so please excuse me).

So having said that it is now time to help others to get through conversations where they may otherwise be discouraged by talking to us in web conferences and demos – or in our support. I have made a short vocabulary of the most damaging ones:

If we offer you a “hostage solution” do not be afraid.
We simply mean that a hosted solution could be worth considering – Azure or private cloud. Those two words are so close for a German tongue – and the accent does not help either.

If we say we will present you with a “cloudy solution” we mean to say that Azure or private cloud may be a good choice for your business. The solution PrintVis will bring you is crystal clear.

We could be talking to you about our “Offensive Price Campaign” – do not be alarmed.
In German the direct translation is sounds really friendly and covers an attractive price offering.

When your German supporter hears your problem he may well say that he “is sinking”.
He is not really – he is thinking about how he can help you with it. All supporters are comfortably seated on chairs in offices far away from water.

A Danish supporter may ask you to show them your “Per Case Order” and you will wonder why the double ordering.
But if you show them a purchase order they will be happy.

You may find it disturbing that when in the demo you ask for a specific functionality the happy consultant declares that he has a “nice bottom” and he wants to show it to you.
He means only that this functionality is activated by pushing a button – and he will now demo this functionality by pushing it.

Rumors came back from a seminar to UK PrintVis consultants that the PrintVis system was in the business of “creating Pedofiles”.
We can strongly reject this as being company policy!
But we can help customers to create PDF files from various documents such as quotes and invoices and email these to their end customers.

So there you have it.
Doing business in foreign languages can certainly be a minefield if the communication is verbal rather than written.
In the PrintVis team we have a good sense of humor and appreciate it when our business partners make us aware óf mispronounciations. And we hope that we can help our customers and partners to a good laugh with us from time to time.

Our strongest consultants have the most problems and mishaps slip out more when we are making presentations we are excited about. And we do get excited because we think that PrintVis is the best system in the world for printing companies.

So don’t let us scare you away.

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