PrintVis was given this award for our accomplishments with the deployment model and our results in terms of quicker installations.

This work has been ongoing for some years and in connection with our PrintVis in-the-cloud product line the results have been so successful that we are now selling the implementation at a fixed rate of 10,000 USD in the North American market.

You will see the local currency equivalent on the pages for individual countries under each language variation if needed.

For the PrintVis team this was a very pleasant surprise and we are very proud.
It also gave an extra push and sense of demand for a good speech on Friday Afternoon when we had promised to talk to the conference participants about our approach to software deployment.
With about 60 participants from 40 companies in the room pressure was on.

Picture taken at the opening session for this years GR2R conference in Vienna.

We chose to risk making an actual live demo of a ClickOnce installation made by NAV specialist Peter Tijsma and send the actual link and make a live demo of a totally new deployment of PrintVis hosted on Azure.

Making live demos in our case is always risky because you depend on internet connection and -bandwidth, plus many other things can go wrong. It is a bit of a gamble.

To make 2 interdependant live demos – onto different computers is almost suicidal…

Anyway – we decided that anyone staying awake on Friday afternoon, the third day of conference deserved a good show – or a good laugh.

Lucky for us the demos went well and the feedback we got from the audience was really positive. All in all we had a very successful conference in Vienna.

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