What’s New in PrintVis 2018 – Tile and Brick View for Product Groups and Cases

We continue our What’s New in PrintVis 2018 series this week with some new features that create a simpler and more engaging user experience.


You can now easily associate your own images and artwork with Cases and their related Product Groups in PV2018.

With options for tile or brick thumbnail display, this allows for a more user-friendly interface than the standard List view, and can help you quickly navigate to areas of the system that you want to access with a simple click.

Associate obvious images with their related Product Groups – for example, your estimator gets a request for 5000 3-panel presentation folders. Rather than scrolling through a list to find this specific product group alphabetically, the estimator’s Role Center can be set to “Tile View” and he/she can simply click on the corresponding picture of that group. As usual, the amount and detail of the Product Groups is a matter of your print company’s preference.

You’ll find this is also very helpful for your outside sales force, who may be less familiar with certain technical jargon (“accordion fold” or “PUR binding”) – where you can categorize items from broad to ever-narrowing criteria (with pictures!) and let them generate estimates from the field.

Thumbnails can be automatically generated from system scans with an easy setup, using parameters that you can tailor to your specific needs, and the system automatically saves your most recent viewing preferences.

PrintVis customers find that the system can be as simple or complex as suits their needs, and that it will adapt very quickly to become the indispensable foundation of their daily work. Powered by and evolving with Microsoft, PrintVis is the only solution a print company (of any size or type!) needs – and one that will never be outgrown.

Free download “PrintVis 2018 Highlights PDF” – PV2018-Highlights.pdf (219 downloads)

Next week – Optimize your warehouse inventory management with ADCS Barcode Scan functionality!

Below: Tile View, some basic Product Thumbnails, Brick View

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