What’s New in PrintVis 2018 – Shipping to Multiple U.S. Tax Jurisdictions


We have made it easier to handle multiple shipments from a single Case, which may be sent to different tax jurisdictions in the U.S.

This can be managed within the Invoice Template build, by designating a special invoicing method in the setup. It will then group the lines on an invoice based on the selected address and tax area code for each shipment originating from a single Case.

Tax Groups, Tax Areas, and Tax Jurisdictions – It Gets Complicated

In Dynamics NAV, a tax group represents a group of inventory items or resources that are subject to identical tax terms. For example, you can set up a tax group for taxable items and another for nontaxable items. You must assign tax group codes to inventory items and general ledger accounts. Similarly, you must assign tax area codes to customers, locations, and to your own company settings. The assisted setup guide helps you do this.

Each tax area is a grouping of sales tax jurisdictions based on a particular geographic location. For example, the Miami, Florida, tax area includes three sales tax jurisdictions: city (Miami), county (Dade), and state (Florida). Dynamics NAV includes a limited set of tax areas with a default configuration, but you can change them and add new tax areas.

If you set up new tax areas and tax jurisdictions, you must make sure that you fill in the fields correctly. In the United States, states, counties, cities, and localities can charge sales tax. Companies collect and remit sales tax to these government authorities for products sold to end users. Sales tax can also be charged to existing sales tax. For example, tax can be calculated on a sales invoice amount that already includes the tax from other jurisdictions.

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