What’s New in PrintVis 2018 – Quick Quote Configurator


The starting point for all your work is the quote, and for PrintVis 2018 we have even further enhanced our Quick Quote tool with a new Configurator, which lets you create a custom Q&A checklist for any Product Group.

Win the orders and optimize your production in advance – by building questionnaires into your estimation templates that let you cover all the bases.

As with most aspects of the PrintVis system, it’s up to you to determine how simple or complex your setup needs to be, and this can evolve as your business needs change. PrintVis is a highly flexible print MIS, embedded into Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Most print companies generate hundreds of quotes per week – with many of those being for similar or exact-repeat work. Such estimates, whether basic or highly-detailed, need to be generated both quickly and accurately. Packaging manufacturers need to consider many elements of a job – such as substrates, ink adhesion, coating and laminate adhesion, die-cutting, folding and gluing specifications, and more. Meanwhile, a small commercial printer who specializes in standard items such as business cards and direct mail campaigns will have other considerations, such as ganging runs to optimize paper usage and press time.

The Quick Quote Configurator becomes the starting point for optimizing your entire print business. You are taking a standard system and automating papers, cost centers, production methods and more until you have configured the best print estimating software for your unique operation.

Does this project require an Art Director? If so, how many hours are needed? You create the questions and tailor the configurations to your business, so that your quotes are as fast and accurate as possible, while generating robust estimates that include all the details, all on one screen!

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Next week – we go off the charts!

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