What’s New in PrintVis 2018 – Project Management

This week we begin our new series, “What’s New in PrintVis 2018,” where we take a look at some of the highlights of our latest print MIS software release.


No matter what type of print business you run, you know that many jobs are not as simple as ‘quote, print, ship and invoice – done.’

Printers and related companies (such as design agencies) can easily spend an entire year on a single campaign – consuming hours, materials and other resources from multiple departments for the duration of the order. This order often consists of multiple small jobs which need to be scheduled, produced and billed individually, yet remain associated with the “parent” project. 

With this in mind, PrintVis 2018 gives you Project Management – a simple and powerful way to oversee every facet of those large projects that may include extended consultancy hours, recurring design work, multiple production runs and shipments – all the underlying elements of an elaborate campaign which needs to be properly managed from one place. PrintVis Project Management gives you an easy way to get it all “under one umbrella.” 

No additional setup is required in PrintVis to begin using the Project Management functionality. You can easily associate a Case with a larger Project, designate a Manager for that Project, create multiple Sub-Projects, archive completed Projects and more, all within the same, familiar NAV-user interface.

Screenshot 1: Associate an Order with a Parent Project

Screenshot 2: The Project Management Overview consists of a single screen

Next week: We’ll revisit the new XMPie web storefront integration with PrintVis!

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