What’s New in PrintVis 2018 – Invoice Dimension Allocation


In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a Dimension represents a specific category of your business, and each Dimension can contain subcategories known as Dimension Values (think “Apples” as one Dimension, and Gala, Fuji and Golden Delicious as Dimension Values).

You rely on your accounting department to keep you apprised of where you are making or losing money. Parsing informative data from your invoices using Dimensions is a great way to determine – and manage – the fiscal health of your company.

PrintVis 2018 leverages this standard NAV Dimensions functionality to give you deep scrutiny into your job costs, by letting you determine how your invoices should be split, in the method of your choosing.

A total invoiced price can be broken down by department, cost center, materials and other narrow criteria, so you can see exactly where your money is going.

Next week: Over/Under Delivery

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