What’s New in PrintVis 2018 – Enhanced Purchase Guide Functionality



In PrintVis 2018 it is now possible to change or update the cost for an Item in the Calculation Details (Cost Price Field) or on the Purchase Guide (Direct Cost PrintVis Field) – and this cost will be automatically transferred to the “PV Unit Cost (LCY)” on the purchase line.

This keeps your pricing accurate all the way from quote to invoice – and saves you from redundant manual data entry.

Quick Look at Improvements in Dynamics NAV 2018

PrintVis is embedded directly into Dynamics NAV, so when you upgrade your version of PrintVis, you do the same for NAV. Listing all of the new features and improvements in NAV 2018 would take quite a long time, but here is a quick list of some basic updates to our core system that can improve the way you do business, particularly in your finances department:

  • Payroll import from QuickBooks
  • Print descriptions from related posted document lines using show details in the Print G/L Register report
  • New standard reports, including received – not invoiced purchase orders and shipped – not invoiced sales orders.
  • Check printing improved to 3 checks per page
  • Distribute Item Charges based on volume and weight
  • Direct Transfer orders – no requirement for in-transit location
  • Use EU VAT numbers to update contact name
  • Master data from customers and vendors can now be updated from sales and purchase documents
  • When searching, help results will show along side in-product results
  • New automation of Intercompany inbox and outbox
  • Bulk Invoicing improvements
  • Suggestion of accounts for posting groups

Next week: Condition Sets at Status Change

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