What’s New in PrintVis 2018 – Currency Management


In PrintVis 2018 we’ve made it possible to generate and edit pricing in a customer’s specific currency.

The currency for a case is controlled by the Currency Code on the customer card and the setup of currency exchange rates.

Whereas in previous versions the currencies have only been handled in optional fields, or when creating a quote/order confirmation report or MS Word Document, now if a customer with a foreign currency is selected on the case, the Currency Code and the actual exchange rate (based on the working date) will be transferred to the case.

The exchange rate is stored in the PV Field “Currency Factor” on the case, and lets you update manually (with the click of a button) to account for any fluctuations that may have occurred in the rate.

Update the Currency Rate on a Case

If the exchange rate needs to be updated, for example a product needs modification and needs to be requoted, the exchange rate on the case can be updated.

For this just press the button “Update Currency rate” on the Actions tab – and the Currency Factor field on the case will be updated by the exchange rate of the currency setup, based on the working date.

Note: It is recommended to update the currency exchange rates (NAV setup) periodically!

Next week: Invoice Dimension Allocation!

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