What’s New in PrintVis 2018 – ADCS Barcode Scanner

What’s New in PrintVis 2018 – ADCS BARCODE SCANNER

Many modern warehouses use hand barcode scanners to capture and store data for inbound and outbound shipping activities. With an ADCS (Automated Data Capture System), users can scan the bar codes of items in your warehouse and have that information recorded in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

  • Show the Bin, quantity, Unit of Measure and location for items
  • Connect items with different vendors
  • With or without Bin Codes
  • New Receipt List report presents warehouse employees with a list of expected purchase orders
  • Create a Custom Service Instance of the VT100 Plugin

To present the Warehouse employee with a list of Purchase Orders that are expected to be received, we’ve also introduced a new report, “Receipt List,” which contains all the Purchase Orders that are expected to be received within a given timeframe. It also contains a barcode with the P.O. number for the Warehouse Employee to scan.

This functionality requires the scanner devices to comply with VT-100 Terminal Emulation and have the required software. PrintVis requires the scanners to be fully functional.

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