What’s New in PrintVis 2017 – Quick Quote

PrintVis 2017 New Software Features and Functionality

2017 sees PrintVis continuing the trend toward simpler, speedier and smarter user experiences. Like Microsoft, PrintVis recognizes the need for easy access to real-time data on the go, with more new apps, mobile-friendly functionality and an increasingly streamlined, cross-platform user experience.

We are also continuously improving upon previous releases’ functionality, simplifying in some areas and expanding in others.

As always, we listen to and act upon the feedback we receive from our Partners and customers.

In this weekly series, we’ll explore the highlights of some key new features in PrintVis 2017. This week: Quick Quote!

Get the Best out of Your Print Estimating Software

Since its inception (20 year anniversary is right around the corner – more on that later), PrintVis has focused continually on improving your estimating and quoting experience with our print MIS software. We understand that this is the core functionality sought after by print businesses looking for a better system. And while our Quick Quote has been around for some time now, PrintVis continues to improve its functionality in the new release with an even more dynamic and flexible user experience.

Where previously one could only use template-based calculations within our Quick Quote functionality, calculations based on Finished Good items are also now available.

Should you need to generate a quick but unusual quote for a print prospect, there is also an action for adding a price unit which may not exist in the template. Detail lines (operations) are available as extra pages which can be opened.

This allows for greater flexibility for any needed modification of calculations. A salesman can now add production steps to existing templates when called for in an estimation, for example, if the customer would like pricing for an option to add film lamination to their printed piece.

Quick Quote now allows for more complex data while still retaining the easy user interface.

In today’s highly competitive print industry, your customers aren’t going to wait around for you to get them the quotes they need; consumers are quickly becoming accustomed to the instant results that the online world provides. Our improved Quick Quote is but one beneficial tool that you get from the near-limitless toolbox that is PrintVis with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We add the print-specific functionality you need to the globally-proven ERP from Microsoft that you know and trust.

Be sure to check back next week for another key feature in PrintVis 2017!

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