What’s New in PrintVis 2017 – Enhanced Combined Sheet Functionality

PrintVis 2017 New Software Features and Functionality

2017 sees PrintVis continuing the trend toward simpler, speedier and smarter user experiences. Like Microsoft, PrintVis recognizes the need for easy access to real-time data on the go, with more new apps, mobile-friendly functionality and an increasingly streamlined, cross-platform user experience.

We are also continuously improving upon previous releases’ functionality, simplifying in some areas and expanding in others.

As always, we listen to and act upon the feedback we receive from our Partners and customers.

In this weekly series, we’ll explore the highlights of some key new features in PrintVis 2017. This week: Enhanced Combined Sheet Functionality!

Optimize Your Paper Usage with Enhanced Combined Sheet Functionality

In PrintVis it’s possible to divide a sheet into as many parts, areas or extra job items as needed, with each element being a potentially different product. PrintVis calculates the imposition separately for each item on the sheet.

In this release, we’ve added some tools to create the generic data much more easily, allowing for quicker processing and the ability to use Components as split-sheet templates, including the possibility of combining multiple jobs (from multiple customers) on the same sheet.

Consider how, over time, your print production can be gradually optimized as you build your library of smart templates, minimizing paper waste and maximizing efficiency – especially on repeat orders and gang runs. Put PrintVis and Microsoft Dynamics NAV to work for your company’s bottom line and outsmart the competition with the best print software on the market!  

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