What’s New in PrintVis 2017 – Enhanced Calendar Maintenance

PrintVis 2017 New Software Features and Functionality

2017 sees PrintVis continuing the trend toward simpler, speedier and smarter user experiences. Like Microsoft, PrintVis recognizes the need for easy access to real-time data on the go, with more new apps, mobile-friendly functionality and an increasingly streamlined, cross-platform user experience.

We are also continuously improving upon previous releases’ functionality, simplifying in some areas and expanding in others.

As always, we listen to and act upon the feedback we receive from our Partners and customers.

In this weekly series, we’ll explore the highlights of some key new features in PrintVis 2017. This week: Enhanced Calendar Maintenance!

Improve the Scheduling of Your Print Shop with Enhanced Calendar Maintenance

The new Calendar Maintenance setup provides a broader scope for creating the opening hours on PrintVis Capacity Units.

Where before the lines had to be planned manually on an individual basis, it is now possible to define standard calendars based on:

  • Departments
  • Capacity Groups
  • Capacity Units
  • Custom-Defined Calendar Groups

This new setup is more comfortable, flexible, and saves a lot of time at the opening hour setup for a new calendar period. A new Capacity Calendar button provides overviews for different departments, vs. individual capacity units.

This function is also available in PrintVis RapidStart, based on opening hours per department.

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