What’s New in PrintVis 2017 – Configuration Template Enhancements

PrintVis 2017 New Software Features and Functionality

2017 sees PrintVis continuing the trend toward simpler, speedier and smarter user experiences. Like Microsoft, PrintVis recognizes the need for easy access to real-time data on the go, with more new apps, mobile-friendly functionality and an increasingly streamlined, cross-platform user experience.

We are also continuously improving upon previous releases’ functionality, simplifying in some areas and expanding in others.

As always, we listen to and act upon the feedback we receive from our Partners and customers.

In this weekly series, we’ll explore the highlights of some key new features in PrintVis 2017. This week: Configuration Template Enhancements!

Simplify Your Daily Print Production and Bookkeeping with PrintVis Configuration Templates

Configuration templates are very useful when creating new system records such as Items, Customers or Vendors. When applying a template to such records by default, the template fields are populated with the given values, making it much easier for users who might be less familiar with posting, inventory or tax groups.

Our easier setup and use of Configuration Templates for each major group of items, customers and vendors will go a long way to avoiding mistakes for your organization.

Templates applied to customers and vendors could be:

  • Local (for local tax settings)
  • EU (for tax settings in EU)
  • EXPORT (for export tax settings)

…and of course standard print production inventory items, such as your papers, inks and other supplies. 

While this functionality is available in standard Dynamics NAV, the setup and the creation of items, customers and vendors is now much more simple. Default PrintVis fields are now available as well.

Next week: OnPrintShop Integration!

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