What’s New in PrintVis 2016?

Introducing PV 2016

PrintVis 2016 has been out for a few weeks now and we’d like to give you an overview of some of the exciting features in our new release.

PrintVis updates annually, always following our certification for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Each release incorporates both our own new print-specific functionality, features and bug fixes, along with any and all updates and features from Microsoft to Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics NAV 2016 is bigger and better than ever – check out what’s new!

As a Gold-certified Microsoft Partner with an ERP/MIS system exclusive to the print-industry vertical, we always follow the Microsoft roadmap for Dynamics NAV. Of course we undergo continuous innovation and development within our own product, taking cues from our global Partner network, customers and our experienced team of Consultants and Developers.

Esko Automation Engine / ArtiosCAD Integration

One of the most exciting new developments in PrintVis 2016 is our integration with the world’s most popular structural design software for packaging, Esko ArtiosCAD.

ArtiosCAD allows you to design and build 2D and 3D prototypes, layouts for optimal use of substrates and even generate dielines right within the program to eliminate file conversion errors which sometimes occur between a packaging manufacturer and its die supplier.

Packaging comprises a major segment of the commercial print industry. And now with the advent of digital, even smaller print shops can prosper with short runs of customized packaging products. Empowering our packaging customers with the use of Esko’s ArtiosCAD system is a logical step forward for PrintVis, which we have long stated is the best print MIS solution for any sub-vertical of the global printing industry.

Our Esko integration will undoubtedly develop rapidly in the coming months and years so that we can continue to provide the most robust print MIS/ERP solution to the packaging manufacturing industry.

Click here for a further overview of Esko/ArtiosCAD

Paper Purchase Automation

Another exciting new feature PrintVis now offers is a fully-automated paper purchase and purchase update functionality, interacting online with paper vendor systems. We also refer to it is “e-Procurement.”

Currently this functionality exists between PrintVis and Papyrus and Antalis, and is an ideal way to manage a print company’s standing paper inventory and suddenly-required purchases by maintaining automated communications between company and vendor.

When a job enters a certain status code in PrintVis, purchase orders, confirmations and other communications (such as time-frame for delivery) take place electronically. Should a job be canceled, the purchase order is also automatically canceled. Once again, automating internal processes becomes a great time saver, and we all know what they say about time and money.

Metro-Style Shop Floor

PrintVis continues to mature our Metro-Style Shop Floor application, showing data in easy to see and understand tile form (as opposed to lines of text), to facilitate a press operator’s daily tasks on the pressroom floor.

The Metro-Style application provides an interface that’s easy to access and operate with touch-sensitive screens rather than mouse and keyboard. The colorful tiles make it easy  to identify from a distance whether time is being registered and other key job-status indicators, such as unit of measure, makeready, team, waste code and more. The tiles are of course customizable to suit an individual business’ needs.

Power BI

Power BI from Microsoft employs dashboards, reports and datasets, with datasets being the name given for the source of information used to create the dashboards and reports. Together, the three make the major building blocks of Power BI.

Power BI lets you bring static (and let’s face it, often boring) data to life with a variety of graphics, charts and graphs, even including open-source custom visuals.  From there, you can create and share dashboards, reports and presentations.

The dashboards you create will be made up of tiles, and each tile is a visual representation of the data gathered from its originating dataset. When you create a tile, you “pin” it to your dashboard, and every dashboard you make can contain multiple tiles, reflecting multiple datasets.

Through PrintVis it’s now possible to use both the Web software and the Desktop Software for publishing to other platforms, such as mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Go here to learn more about – and download for free – Power BI from Microsoft!

Tool Functionality

PrintVis customers in the in the narrow web-label business and packaging industries, as well as print finishers (and any segment of the graphics industry which routinely uses dies and other tools), will appreciate our increased functionality for the management, cataloging use of such items.

Many companies have hundreds of dies and other tools on stock – so the setup in PrintVis requires detail and structure, yet is still easy to understand and navigate.

We have added parameters for correlating company tools to specific presses, vendors, job types, # of colors (requiring for example one printing cylinder per color) and much more.

If a printer’s customer is on a tight budget and their job requires a new steel rule die, it’s easy to find the closest match using the Advanced Filter criteria, in order to suggest cost-saving alternatives.

Also, one can determine which tools can be replaced by others, should they be unavailable at the time of production.

These are just a few highlights of PV2016. There are many other great new features, such as using the PrintVis Customer Frontend (Customer Portal) as a “Remote Salesman” – to easily create quotes using a portable device, such as a tablet, right at the customer’s site.

Other New Features include:

  • Integration “Events” (this is a big one and will have its own article soon)
  • New PrintVis Gantt Tool
  • Taking Pictures with the Universal App
  • New Purchase Guide
  • Returning Material to Stock
  • Note Creation Support
  • QA Enhancements
  • Import a FOB Remotely via the Windows Client

..and much more.

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