PrintVis wants to be available to printing companies in all countries in the world.

It takes a great deal of effort to find, motivate, train and help NAV partners in very different countries and cultures to discover how broad the printing business really is.

It is much easier for poeple outside the printing world to think about the car producing industry, the restaurants or the clothes manufacturers.

What a waking call when they find out how diverse and sometimes very specialized this industry really is – and THEN find out that they can make themselves relevant to this industry with 1 product; PrintVis.

Next week (Sept. 3rd to 5th) 800 NAV partners will gather at Directions, a yearly Microsoft event. This year in Vienna.

PrintVis CEO Kasper Tomshøj will be there as usual, but this time he has joined forces with 3 other ISV’s and Microsoft to throw a party for NAV partners attending. 400 guests will be treated to dine and dance while getting to know our software and the industry it is targetting.

We hope this will get us many more partners who will help printings companies getting better at calculation, purchase  and item management, planning and all the other stuff we are in the world to help printing companies with.




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