Tip of the Week #98 – The Hourly Rate Calculator by PrintVis

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March, 2017. The Hourly Rate Calculator is now available only with an upgrade to the latest version of PrintVis, and no longer as a free download. 

Tip of the Week #98 – The Hourly Rate Calculator by PrintVis

This week PrintVis CEO Kasper Tomshøj has something very special to share with you.

My tip of the week is about the new Hourly Rate calculation tool that we have just made available to all – for FREE, in celebration of PrintVis’ 20th anniversary.

2017 marks two solid decades of print software development and innovation from PrintVis as the only Microsoft-certified solution for the print industry. As a special thank you to our Partners and Customers, we have created a special Hourly Rate Calculator to give away, absolutely free.

What is it?

It’s a handy bit of software designed to help you determine and set the correct hourly rates for the various Cost Centers you use in your business.

These could be your printing presses, your CTP department, even the tables you set up for manual finishing and fulfillment of jobs – any work station where you need to manage your hourly overhead.

No doubt many of you have experienced the hassle it is to determine the hourly rates for your Cost Centers. Often we see great effort in maintaining scrap and speed tables, but rates that haven’t changed for years.

We at PrintVis have often talked about adding a module that will help in this process. Well now we have finally released it – and for the first time ever – also released something for all previous versions.

How does it work?

Simple to use from the Role Center, the HRC takes into account all the factors which determine the appropriate rates for your specific operations – fixed and variable costs, materials, labor and overhead – and uses these aggregate amounts to calculate the best rate per cost center that will keep your company profitable and viable.

Thank you Kasper – and congratulations on 20 great years!

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