Tip of the Week #97 – Take a Breather!

Tip of the Week #97 – Take a Breather!

This week’s tip comes from PrintVis developer Christian Mütze.

Sometimes the best approach to good productivity in the office or on the job is to…walk away from it for a while.

It’s simple. There is life outside of  work and you can combine it – improve it – by disengaging from time to time. Take a walk, get some fresh air, clear your head.

Take the chance to get a new perspective on issues you thought would never get solved.

For example, try enhancing a regular lunch break with geocaching, like my colleague Kit Tomshøj did recently. Haven’t heard of geocaching? Well it’s a growing phenomenon that brings people from all over together for small, fun adventures. It’s basically a treasure hunt, but also a perfect example of employing technology to remind us to get back to nature once in a while (or a lot!).

As they say in the video below, there’s an adventure happening all the time, all around you. But – I want to stress this tip isn’t only about geocaching. Basically it is a reminder to seek breaks in your routines and get your head free. You’ll likely find you’re doing something for the team spirit while being open minded for new things, which I assure you will improve your work as well.

Great advice – thank you Christian!

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