Tip of the Week #96 – RapidStart – Table Fields Order

Tip of the Week #96 – RapidStart – Table Fields Order

Senior Consultant Dennis André Thomsen serves up this week’s helpful tip. 

When using the RapidStart tool to move data from one Company to another, you will initially experience many errors, simply due to the fact that the tool imports the fields as they are set, and validates each field entry individually.

For example, when importing Tabledata for PV Calc. Unit Setup Detail (Table 6010375), the standard settings are:

This import will result in the error that the Operations cannot be found, simply because Operation is above Configuration (and as the operations are stated on the Configuration to a Cost Center).

Instead, push the Action Tab, mark the line with Configuration and select “Move up” to resort the importing order of the fields.

Should you prefer not to validate the input against other tables and values, simply untick the marking in column “Validate Field.”

Thank you Dennis!

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