Tip of the Week #84 – Integrate with any Web Shop Frontend

Tip of the Week #84 – Integrate with any Web Shop Frontend…

…and use NAV/PrintVis as Your Existing Backend Engine

Developer Mogens Christensen joins us this week to highlight an important – and increasingly popular – functionality.

Consumers are doing more and more business in online stores, and print customers are no different. While the print industry customer base remains predominantly regional in nature (due to shipping costs and other physical logistics), commercial printers are increasingly offering their services via the internet, particularly for standard, repeat-order items such as business cards and brochures.

Web2PrintVis is the tool which manages the connection between these frontend (both open and closed web shops) and PrintVis, allowing customers to design and submit their print orders remotely.

Web2PrintVis can be used for different frontends. All products displayed in the frontend can have their own fixed price, and be included in a price list or a calculation template in PrintVis. Web2PV allows you to have an individual web application for every customer, designed differently but using the same core.

Taking advantage of PrintVis’ integration with online storefronts, print customers can:

  • Get a web service-based, real time bi-directional interface (production orders, stock items)
  • Get product catalog, including product grouping, product descriptions and pictures (automate web shop setup)
  • Get product information, prices, inventory etc.
  • Configure products: complex printing products which can be calculated in PrintVis before ordering in Webshop
  • Place Orders
  • Get pending/historical production orders
  • Submit reorders

Some examples of available frontend shops: OnPrintShop, Impleo, Obility

From the development perspective we require only minor web service integration:

  • Either the web shop must adapt to PrintVis standard xml, which then requires only minor development at the web shop side
  • Or:  Minor PrintVis development to adapt to a different web shop xml format

Notably, our integration with OnPrintShop is one of the key features of our new release, PrintVis 2017 – PV2017-Highlights.pdf (304 downloads) .

Thank you Mogens!

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