Tip of the Week #83 – PrintVis JMF Controller Service Settings

PrintVis Tip of the Week #83 – JMF Controller Service Settings

Software Developer Peter Tijsma brings us this week’s helpful tip.

From time to time we get questions in the hotline regarding how to change the PrintVis JMF Service settings.

The JMF Service is a component created by PrintVis to handle communication between PrintVis and external Workflow partners – such as JDF/JMF communication to/from Heidelberg, Komori, Agfa, Kodak, etc., as well as XML communication to/from ESKO Automation Engine Connect, and more.

This component is even able to communicate from an on-premises server (where the Workflow Partners are located) to a PrintVis installation hosted on Azure using a so-called ‘ServiceBus’.

Since we didn’t actually build an application to handle the JMF Service Settings, there’s only one way of doing this, and this is through changing the Windows Registry on the server where the JMF Service is running.

Follow these steps to make any required modifications:

  1. Open the Registry Editor through executing exe
  2. Find the following path in the navigation tree on the left-hand side:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\NovaVision\PrintVis JMF Controller service
  3. Change the value of any of the keys on the right-hand side that needs to be modified and close the Registry Editor
  4. After making the changes, restart the PrintVis JMF Controller Service through the Windows Services Management Console

All other settings are handled through the JDF Setup Page in PrintVis.

Thank you Peter!

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