Tip of the Week #7 – Consistency is King

This week we hear from PrintVis consultant and head of U.S. sales, John Mullins, who has more than one valuable tip for a successful approach to sales when you have a great product like PrintVis – because a successful sale is the successful birth of a mutually-beneficial relationship.

Consistency is King

In the world of sales, we have all seen the peaks and valleys that come with sales cycles.  One great month seems always to be followed by a slower one.  While some people will claim that it is due to the “emptying of a pipeline” or just the cyclic nature of sales (“no one buys in July since they are on holiday that month”),  I think a lot of us make the mistake of losing consistency.  When we land a new project/deal/customer it’s easy to slow other efforts – like cold calling, scheduling demos, working on custom setups for new prospects – or just plain follow up.  How can we set up our company to prevent this?

  • Know Your Metrics. It is a simple equation, overall. How many calls do I need to make to generate a new prospect?  How many prospects do I need before I can demo my product?  How many demos do I need to do before I land a new client?  Once you know these you can see a sales valley coming and work to fix it (i.e. if we do no demos in January, it will probably show up as no sales in July).


  • When Making Calls—Have a List of the High Points You Want to Cover. Some days we feel great and are eager to speak to people about our solutions and how PrintVis can really come and reshape a company for the better…some days we just don’t want to get out of bed.  Have it written down for those bad days so that it’s guaranteed the message you send is the consistent no matter what your mental state is that day.


  • Take Your Time. People assume that how you do one thing is how you do everything.  I think that we have all been guilty of responding to an email or a call too quickly and only answering half of the questions asked or sent the response back with misspelled words or incorrect grammar.  That looks sloppy and your prospects will see that as a negative mark on you.  Do not feel the need to get an email returned in 10 seconds…but DO feel the need to get a proper response back to a prospect.
John Mullins
  • Finally, Remember That You Are A Professional — and expect to be treated as such. I like the idea that for each thing you do for a prospect, you should expect them to do something in return.  If you are setting up data for a second demo, ask that the CEO or other key stakeholders attend that demo.  If you are asked to lower your price, ask if that is the final step required for moving forward.  If the prospect asks to speak to an existing installation, ask them what they are looking to hear that would get them comfortable with you and with your solution (this is easily conveyed to a prospect as making sure that they are speaking to the correct person – so that if they want to discuss installation logistics or if they want to talk pricing –  these are likely to be different people in a company.)

Remember that all successful implementations are done when they look to us for expertise so try to provide that same expertise in the sales cycle and it just might eliminate some of those peaks and valleys.

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John Mullins is a Consultant and head of US sales for PrintVis – he is your go-to guy if you have ever wondered if there’s a better software solution out there that could let you manage your total operation – smartly, effectively, efficiently, affordably – there is – PrintVis with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Contact John today – jm@printvis.com

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