Tip of the Week #65 – Reflections on drupa

PrintVis CEO’s Tip of the Week encourages print companies to take advantage the latest print mis, powered by Microsoft Dynamics. Already using the system? Consider upgrading – you don’t know what you’re missing!

Just came back from Drupa. All the vendors there showed the finest, newest products…and so did we.

Every day of the year we do our best to improve the system, adding new features, fine tuning things that could be better, being creative in finding ways to improve our users daily experience.

And at situations like drupa it is a pleasure to meet so many of our customers – and get a chance to show them the result of our R&D efforts.

But unlike your production equipment, you don’t need to go to exhibitions to experience the newest technology in your ERP solution.

Most of our customers pay an annual enhancement fee which actually gives you the right to get the latest versions free of charge.

And with the new cloud technology it is very easy for your PrintVis vendor (one of our certified Partners) to install a demo version of the latest release that you can simply try out at your own pace (even on your sofa during the commercial breaks of soccer matches ).

I know that if you decide to upgrade your live production environment it takes some more effort in planning cut-over dates, user training, decisions on leaving all that old customization behind, etc.

However, if you want to experience your own company data  in the newest version, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of days to prepare for the ultimate trial.

Just try it!

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