Tip of the Week #64 – Setting Up Planning Status in EQ Plan

Tip of the Week #64 – Setup of Planning Status in EQ Plan

This week’s tip comes from senior consultant Jörg Hüner.

The planning units in PrintVis have a specific “Plan Status,” depending on whether they are:

  • Only in Plan

  • Already in Production (In Progress)

  • Already completed

This status information is transferred to EQ Plan, but the default status names in EQ Plan are different. This can lead to confusion for the user.

In this screenshot the plan status in PrintVis is displayed.

In EQ Plan you can choose the color scheme for the status code here:

But the status names are different from PrintVis. This menu you’ll find under “Tools->Options.

A recommended setup for the names looks like this and choose color codes you prefer for visualization of the plan status.

Select the status from top to button, type the new name and rename them by pressing the “Rename” button.

This is the result:

More information for registered PrintVis user and also an EQ Plan setup file for download:


Thank you Jörg!

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